UP TO YOU Library


€ 28.000,00
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The UP TO YOU library is straight out of a whimsical imagination.

It imposes a majestic allure, sculptural lines and a unique character to enter into HISTORY and become a MUST HAVE.

Stamped and numbered, this hand-turned wooden sculpture is lacquered in the most masterful colors.

Elegant and proud, its modules pivot on a brass rod between the floor and the ceiling. Balls, cylinders, tablet, are threaded with sensuality to accommodate art books, curiosities and unusual objects.


  • Swivel modules in lacquered wood or solid walnut
  • Lacquered solid beech balls and cylinders
  • Shelf in solid walnut, lacquered top
  • Polished brass rods and plates
  • Custom height
  • Other colors possible on request
  • Manufacturing in our workshops in France


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