Solicited by prestigious brands, photographers, directors of the 7st Art or luxury magazines, the Artistic Studio ROUGE ABSOLU by Géraldine B. Prieur cultivates the Art of metamorphosing and composing theatrical, imaginary, flamboyant, excessive or minimalist staging, all exceptional. 

This artistic passion, born from a meeting between Leïla Menchari, talented designer of Hermès window displays at 24 Faubourg and Géraldine B. Prieur then aged 25, came crowning her degree in interior architecture and design as a destiny.

Thus, Leïla Menchari made her discover the secrets and behind the scenes of her prodigious productions, composed for the famous luxury house.

The imaginative and visionary force of Géraldine B. Prieur places her Artistic Studio as a reference with international trend offices, eager to decipher her intuitions and presumptions for the currents approached 2 to 3 years in advance in the field of art de vivre.