The interior architecture and design studio ROUGE ABSOLU by Géraldine B. Prieur cultivates Art and a sense of eclecticism through its luxurious residential, hotel or retail projects. Solicited by prestigious clients, Studio ROUGE ABSOLU also arranges and decorates business jets and private yachts.

Under the passionate and keen eye of Geraldine B. Prieur, her compositions are transformed into rare and glamorous, refined and subtly colored cases. 

With infused sophistication, Géraldine expresses an elegant and friendly art of living, affirmed by her love for beautiful objects.  

She likes to surprise, amaze and share her sharp sense of aesthetics, always attentive and preoccupied with a concern for precision.

Surrounded by the best French Craftsmen and Talented Artists, the luxurious and dazzling achievements of Studio ROUGE ABSOLU are also distinguished by the nobility of the materials, the prestige of the custom-made furniture and the extreme quality of the details and finishes.

“The detail is an irreverent luxury, an emotion, an address”. Geraldine B. Prior